Corporate financing:
Short-term loan for SME/Large Corp:
• Working capital: ST financing solutions for assisting revolving cycle of company business, supporting to make payment to local suppliers.
• L/C issuance, Import/Export financing backed by commercial

/international contracts.
• CMA services: support flexibility to import/export trade.

• 01 year agreement, subject to an annual review
• Flexible term of drawdown: 01/03/06 months

Cash management:
• Working capital management: cash deposit, cash online- internet banking, cash planning.
• Account receivables management: cash collection, paybill collection.
• Payable management: payment transfer, monthly payroll.
• Group account management: statement, outstanding balance checking, credit/debit balance.

• Competitive VND/USD/EUR interest rates
• Competitive fees for every product and service.

More information?
Please contact your Relationship Manager or contact Corporate Dept. via phone No: (+84-28) 3932 0827


Do you need to invest into your operations to grow your business?
Whether you need new or bigger premises/ factories, warehouses or have to renew your equipment/ machinery, BPCE HCM is here to accompany you through your development projects.
We offer term funding both in Vietnamese Dong and/ or other foreign currencies. Our financing solutions are adapted for both medium-term and long-term requirements.

Benefits of a traditional term funding (*)
• Financing can be made available in either Vietnamese Dong and/ or commonly traded foreign currency
• Conditions are adaptable and simple procedures
• Grace period may apply, depending on the result of the evaluation of project cash-flow.
• A dedicated Relationship Manager ensures personalised service and follow up the deal.
• Collection method: interest and principle paid on a monthly/ 3-month/ 6-month basis.
*Conditions apply, subject to approval of application by the Bank.


In need of a financial guarantee for a specific operation or a third party? – We can help out.

At the client’s request, BPCE IOM Ho Chi Minh City Branch will issue a written commitment to a designated third party (the beneficiary) in which we will perform your financial obligations in case you do not perform/or perform them improperly.

• Satisfy your partner’s requirement for a bank guarantee.
• Increase your reliability with partners by having a a solid and reliable guarantee.

Types of guarantees proposed
Payment guarantee This ensures the beneficiary the performance of your payment obligation. In case you don’t (fully) perform it, we will pay on your behalf on due date upon presentation of complying documents stipulated in the guarantee.
Performance guarantee This is a contractual guarantee. Its purpose is to compensate the beneficiary in the event of the improper execution of the contract by the applicant (delays, quality etc.).
Tender Bond A written commitment issued by the Bank to ensure the bid inviter (the beneficiary) the performance of your bid participation obligation. In case your have to pay a fine due to violation of bidding regulations ( i.e. not sign the contract or submit performance guarantee within the preset time once winning the bid …) but don’t (fully) pay, we will pay on your behalf upon presentation of complying demand.
Advance Payment Bond Commercial contracts usually specify that the buyer must first settle one or several down payments before the vendor starts the manufacturing process or the delivery of supplies. As a counterpart, the buyer requests an advance payment security from the vendor. This ensures the buyer that in the event the vendor does not satisfy the terms of the contract and its respective obligations, the down payment will be refunded.
Shipping Guarantee An indemnity provided by the Bank to a shipping company or its agent to allow the shipping company or its agent to release goods to the customer (the importer) without presentation of original Bill of Lading. Shipping Guarantee is commonly used under L/C with Bill of Lading consigned to the order of BPCE IOM Hochiminh City branch.
Other Guarantees at client’s request not prohibited by laws.

BPCE International - Corporate Department

You need financial support on your investment projects and are looking for solutions? Or maybe, do you simply want to manage your cash flow. Whether you need structured or traditional term funding, BPCE IOM – HCMC Branch’s financing solutions bring you optimal support.


As a fully-owned subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, BPCE IOM HCM has access to acknowledged international expertise in structured financing and can, therefore, offer adapted global solutions to its clients’ needs.
Our privileged partnership with the Groupe BPCE’s investment arm, Natixis, allows us to offer specialist, value-added investment solutions and financial services.
Structured financing solutions are available to large companies engaged in large-scale projects in major sectors such as infrastructure, energy, aviation.

Corporate Finance
BPCE IOM HCM maintain credit relationship with key national corporate players in most of the strategic Vietnamese economic sectors –oil and gas, energy, mines and metals, agricultural commodities, as well as infrastructures and telecoms… We cover a wide range of financing needs by providing comprehensive and adapted financing solutions using appropriate synergies from our capital markets teams.

Structured Export Finance
We are experts in financing international contracts issued by export credit agencies, and also advise, originate and structure export loans issued by private sectors, insurers or all other schemes designed to weight credit risk and country risk on any type of export. BPCE IOM HCM Representative Office in Hanoi is the main contact point for Structured Export Finance in Vietnam.

Commodity and Energy Finance
BPCE IOM maintain active relations with all players – producers, importers, traders, and service providers – in the energy, mines and metals and agricultural commodity fields. We cover the full spectrum of needs by providing global and innovative financing that takes advantages of considerable synergies with capital markets.
In Vietnam, BPCE IOM has established a strong reputation as active financier in the rice and coffee export business, including cross-border handling of G-to-G rice operations.

Project Finance
Our project finance services incorporate the full range of expertise and include financial advisory, underwriting of senior and junior bank financing, syndication and agent services, structuring of limited recourse bond issues and capital investment.
In Vietnam, Groupe BPCE was involved in the financing of port projects in the Cai Mep Thi Vai deep sea port complex, as well as in projects in the Cat Lai Hiep Phuoc areas.

Shipping Finance
Groupe BPCE has earned a strong reputation in the world shipping market by co-financing close to 600 vessels over the last 10 years. Thanks to un-paralleled experience, we specialize in financing shipping assets for the energy industry including oils, gas and methane tankers, drilling vessels and offshore production rigs.
The first foreign bank to finance Vietnamese flagged vessels using a local registered mortgage security, BPCE IOM ship financing currently include bulkers, containerships, tankers, as well as offshore supply vessels for the oil and gas industry.

Aircraft Finance
Natixis Transport Finance specializes in aircraft finance, particularly for new assets, and is one of the world’s leading arrangers. It involves in all types of financing, including export loans with ECA guarantees, asset-backed commercial loans, financial leases, leveraged tax leases.