Cash Exchange

Protect your international activities from the risk of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.
The solution is to make use of operations based on traditional currencies to buy or to sell the major currencies against Vietnamese Dong, or other foreign currencies, at the current market rates.
The operation is confirmed upon satisfaction with the rate announced by the Treasury Desk and the funds are available at once and at pre-determined time in the chosen currencies.
A exchange operation, either by cash or by transfers, is an agreement between two parties. It is a foreign currency transaction whereby both parties agree on a on the spot/the forward sale or purchase of one currency against another currency at the rate agreed and pre-determined time upon completion of the operation. The exchange operation is performed instantly with our Treasury Desk.

• Obtaining the best market rate in real time: all it takes is a call to our Treasury Dept.
• This operation is free of charge or commission.

How does it work?
• To perform a cash exchange or spot/forward price transaction, an account with the necessary funds in the corresponding foreign currency must be opened prior.
• If satisfied with the rate announced by the Treasury Dept., the operation is confirmed and the funds shall be credited/debitted/available in the chosen currencies immediately for or at pre-determined time in accordance with the spot/forward tenors.
* Our Treasury Desk will keep you posted, upon request, about the forex market trends.

Currency Forward

Forward Foreign exchange contract: to sell or buy a fixed amount in foreign currency with a fixed and negotiated exchange rate (at the negotiation date) and the settlement of the contract will be performed in the agreed period in the future. This is a very simple but effecient method to help you to prevent foreign exchange risk of your settlement of commercial contract in the future. With the fixed foreign exchange rate, you can easily control your cashflow, minimise the risk of foreign exchange rate volatility and calculate your total fee and cost for your products.

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Fixed deposit

Term Deposit

For idle funds, customer can choose time deposit to enjoy high interest and maximize returns. Benefits:

• Safe, confidential.

• Different terms with attractive interest rate.

• Different currencies (VND, USD, EUR…)

• Can be secured for loan at BPCE