Our presence in Vietnam dated back as early as November 1988 when former Banque francaise du Commerce Exterieur ”BFCE” received the first license to open a foreign bank Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City “HCMC”. To accompany the Doi Moi policy and the nascent trade between France/Asia and Vietnam a second Representative office was opened in Hanoi in 1991 and ultimately in June 1992, the HCMC representative Office was upgraded into a full branch under the license No. 06/NH-GP granted by the State Bank of Vietnam, making our bank amongst the oldest foreign bank branches in operation as of today. Our branch belongs to the second largest banking Group in France: “Groupe BPCE” which creation is summarized by the below chart:

BPCE International History

Consequently our local Branch was successively named BFCE (1992), Natexis Banque (1995), Natexis Banques Populaires (1998), Natixis (2006) and became BPCE IOM in May 2015.
From its inception our bank played a significant role in the development of the financial sector in
Vietnam as reported in the key milestones
– 1992: Launching the Visa Card payment system is cooperation with Vietcombank
– 1992: First banking syndication for Vietnam Airlines to acquire 2 ATR 72
– 1996: First leasing company established in Vietnam (one of the strategic partner of VILC)
– 2005: First foreign bank to finance Vietnam flagged vessels backed by Vietnam mortgage
– 2009: Mandated lead arranger of the first international syndication for VNPT
– 2010: Natixis awarded Best Arranger of syndicated loans in Vietnam for 2010 by EuroWeek Asia
– 2011: our branch deployed its SME strategy
Since the early nineties our bank actively participated in promoting trade finance accompanying Vietnamese importers and exporters notably in the agro-food sector, developing strong links with the local banking system, supporting foreign investors and financing major projects have been the main achievements of our presence in the country for more than 25 years.


General Manager


BPCE International (full name: BPCE International et Outre-mer SA) is the holding company responsible for overseeing Groupe BPCE’s equity interests in the international arena and French Pacific overseas territories. A wholly-owned subsidiary of BPCE, this entity includes seven banks under majority control, one foreign branch, two specialized financial subsidiaries and holds equity interests in five banking institutions. It employs 2,850 people and runs a network of 153 branches.


– Banque de Tahiti (96.6%)
– Banque de Nouvelle Calédonie (96.8 %)
– BPCE International – branch establishment in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
Africa, Indian Ocean
– Banque des Mascareignes (Mauritius) (100%)
– BMOI (Madagascar) (71%)
– BTK (Tunisia) (60%)
– BICEC (Cameroon) (68.5%)
– BCI (Congo-Brazzaville) (100%)
– BNDA (Mali) (9.7%*)
– BCP (Morocco) (4.9%)
* Crédit Coopératif also holds a 9.7% equity interest in BNDA
– Fransabank (France) (20.78%)
– Banca Carige (Italy) (1.9%)
– Proparco (France) (10%)

Specialized subsidiaries
Pramex International (advisory services in international business development)
INGEPAR (financial engineering)

October 2015- BPCE international takes over Natixis banking activities in Vietnam
Groupe BPCE announces the transfer of its banking activities in Vietnam from Natixis to BPCE International.
This transfer, which has been approved by regulatory authorities, will enable Groupe BPCE to serve SMEs operating in Vietnam through BPCE International retail banking network.
This operation falls into the Group strategic plan “Growing differently” aiming at developing the Group’s international presence in retail banking, including for SME market, through BPCE International.
Since 1992, Groupe BPCE has held a banking licence in Vietnam with a branch in Ho Chi Minh City and a representative office in Hanoi.


Groupe BPCE is the second-largest banking group in France thanks to its flagship Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne retail banking brands. Groupe BPCE and its 108,000 employees serve 31.2 million customers, 8.9 million of whom have decided to become cooperative shareholders of their respective banks. The cooperative shareholders owned the regional banks (banque populaire and caisse d’epargne), which in turn owns BPCE. The Group’s different subsidiaries with a total of 14 Banque Populaire banks, 16 Caisses d’Epargne, Natixis, Crédit Foncier, Banque Palatine, etc offer banking and insurance services tailored closely to the needs of the individuals and communities they serve.

The first Caisse d’Epargne was founded in Paris in 1818 to promote, collect and manage popular savings. Recognized as “private institutions of public utility,” the Caisses d’Epargne have pursued missions of general public interest since 1895. In 1950, they were authorized to grant loans to local authorities. In 1999, they became cooperative banks. Through successive business creations and acquisitions, Groupe Caisse d’Epargne has extended its activities towards corporate customers, investment banking with the acquisition of Ixis, insurance, private asset management and, with Nexity, the Group became a full-fledged operator in the real estate sector. 2018 will be their 200 years anniversary.

The Banques Populaires: financing and developing commerce and businesses

In 1878, the first Banque Populaire was created in Angers by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs with a view to pooling funds to allow entrepreneurs to finance their projects themselves. Their cooperative status was established in 1917. At the service of craftsmen, tradespeople and SMEs, the Banques Populaires rapidly became major players in their regional economies, and opened out their services to individual customers in 1962. In 1998, the acquisition of Natexis provided Group Banque Populaire with a publicly listed vehicle. Pursuing its development, the Group affiliated several regional or specialized banks.

The Banques Populaires command top-ranking positions among SMEs, self-employed professionals, and high net worth clients. The same is true of the Caisses d’Epargne among individual customers, local authorities, and the social housing sector. In their capacity as complementary cooperative banking institutions, boasting deep roots in their respective regions, the two networks share the same commitment at the service of regional and local development.

Natixis is the corporate, investment management, insurance and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE. To address specific needs of companies, financial institutions and institutional investors, Natixis provides customized solutions in a number of areas of first-rank recognized expertise. Natixis also designs products and services tailored to the client base of Group BPCE’s two retail networks.

– 31.2 million customers
– 108,000 employees
– 8.9 million cooperative shareholders  8,000 bank branches
– Net revenues: €23.4bn (2016)
– Net profit, group share: €3.4bn (2016)

The Group’s credit ratings is as folows:

Rating attributed to BPCE


Standard & Poor’s

Moody’s Investors Service

Fitch Ratings


Counterparty Risk Assessment Long and Short Term

A1 (cr) / P-1 (cr)

Long term rating





Short term rating









Last update date





Faithful to its status as a cooperative banking institution, the Group accompanies its customers in the realization of their different projects and develops long-lasting relationships with them, thereby contributing 20% to the drive to finance the French economy.



To be a benchmark bank


Foster a lasting partner relationship
Tailor solutions to your company requirements
Fulfill the terms of our agreements
Facilitate your project achievement


Trust - Caring - Commitment


Below are some of our major milestones across the past decade

  • 1989

    BFCE Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh
  • 1991

    BFCE Representative Office in ha noi
  • 1992

    Banque Francais Du Commerce Exterieur SuccursaleDu Vietnam
  • 1997

    Natixis Banque Succursale Du Vietnam
  • 2000

    Natixis Banque Populaire Branch Succursale Du Vietnam
  • 2007

    Natixis Banque Ho Chi Minh city Branch
  • 2015

    BPCE IOM Ho Chi Minh city Branch- BPCE Ha Noi Rep. Office